We provide complete training and welfare system for our Employees.

All talents are welcomed to join us.

How do I find out about the latest job opening in Twilightgroups Corporation?

The latest job openings will be posted on Twilightgroups 's Current Job

Openings page and at its Job Bank Web site. Log in to Twilightgroups 's

Current Job Opening page and follow the instruction to create your Candidate

Profile. We willprocess your application as soon as possible.

How can I arrange for an interview for a technician's job?

Please send your resume to Twilightgroups's Job Bank Website.

We will process your application as soon as possible.

Snapshots Of Life

In order to enhance Twilightgroups' life quality,

Twilightgroups hold multiple activities that employees

can enjoy the high quality life outside the work

Employee Benefits

Twilightgroups provides attractive incentives


Employee Life

Twilightgroups provides various leisure activities for our


Learning and Development

In Twilightgroups, we have a well-developed